iPropWiz 6
    iPropWiz 6 is the ultimate iProperties management tool for Autodesk® Inventor® 2013-2020. Purchase Now!

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Highlights include:

  • Create different configurations of properties for different projects or customers.
  • See only the iProperties you want to see, in a single grid. No more searching through the Inventor tabbed iProperties dialog.
  • Rename iProperties to more useful names.
  • Provide users with a variety of list types for setting property values.
  • Easily create property expressions, or extract text from another property value.
  • Export and format physical property values, including model extents relative to a user defined coordinate system.
  • Modeless Property Editor available while you work in Inventor.
  • Flexible tools to ensure required property values are entered.
  • Drive property values based on part material, or the value of a model parameter.
  • Semi-automated add-in updates, no user interaction required.
  • Complete, context sensitive help system. Internet connection not required.
  • Support for Autodesk Inventor 2013-2020
  • Flexible license options, including floating licenses.

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What's being said about iPropWiz 6!

  The June 2013 issue of Augi World features a review of iPropWiz 6.

Thank you for a great addition to Inventor. A much needed solution, which I only wish I had installed long ago!
  - Christoffer Sæther Sørensen, Norsk Elektro Optikk AS, Norway

Without this program I am dead. The support is terrific.
  - Marcelo De Tomasi, 3D Engineering Design, Australia

The new iPropWiz dock-able property editor is an easy reminder to keep our custom properties up to date. The required field option ensures our files adhere to company standards. Being able to select multiple files to change matching properties is a time saver.
  - Steven Robinson, PEPBrainin

We have used iPropWiz since the very first release of the software and would be totally lost without it. iPropWiz6 is easy to set up and helps manage only the properties that we actually use. Customized pull down lists make filling in the properties very easy and helps with uniformity in our title blocks and bills of material. The ability to force all caps is a great feature as well. The help and support from the C-Cubed staff is second to none! Highly recommend!
  - Joan Lipovetz, CAD Systems Administrator, Moline Machinery LLC

iPropWiz 6 saves a significant amount of time when filling out iproperties for both models and drawings, especially when compared to an add-in free installation of Inventor. iPropWiz simply streamlines everything into one list with just the fields that the user deems are necessary without having to flip between 3 to 4 tabs full of mostly unused fields like Inventor’s standard iProperties window.
  - Bill Walk, Mech Engineer, Pioneer Industrial Systems

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Using iPropWiz


  Getting up and running with iPropWiz is easy. You first create one or more iPropWiz configurations in the Configuration Editor. In a configuration, you define which Inventor iProperties are to be shown to the user for each Inventor document type. The configuration also specifies the rules and tools available for each property. You can provide an alias for any property name, define a property expression or property extraction rule for text based properties, and provide flexible lookup lists for property values.

Users select an active iPropWiz configuration and use the Property Editor to manage property values. Along with property values, physical properties can be displayed and edited. The Property Editor is a non-blocking, dockable window in Inventor so property values are always available for your currently selected document(s) in Inventor.

Configuration EditorProperty EditorLists

A configuration contains a set of properties for each Inventor document type. You add the properties you want your users to see, and optionally provide a property name alias, limit the number of characters in a text property value, add a list, property expression or property extraction rule to each property make it easy to enter a valid value. If you mark a property as required, iPropWiz provides a number of tools to help ensure a value is entered. The grid provides detailed feedback on the state, rules, and settings for each property.
 Physical Properties

Download / Purchase iPropWiz 6

When you install iPropWiz 6 you can try the software for 30 days. The trial license provides full iPropWiz functionality.    

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