Plot Stamp Plus
Plot Stamp Plus is an Autodesk Inventor add-in that provides: Purchase Now!

  • Powerful plot stamp management without modification of your templates
  • Easy-to-use plot stamp tools
  • Comprehensive plot logging
  • Consistent plot information across your workgroups
  • Support for Autodesk Inventor 2013 - 2023
  • Local or floating licenses for Plot Stamp Plus client users


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All Plot Stamp Plus actions are completed without dirtying the Autodesk Inventor document!

Manager and Client Licenses

  The add-in can be purchased with either a Manager or Client license. You require a minimum of one Plot Stamp Plus Manager license to enable creation and management of plot stamps, plot stamp sets, and plot logging. Any machine with a Manager license can perform these administrative tasks. A client license is not required on a machine that has a Manager license. A single Manager license can be used to create plot stamps for any number of clients.

Users with a Plot Stamp Plus Client license can select from the plot stamp sets created with a Plot Stamp Plus Manager license, and manage plot logging settings exposed by the administrator (Plot Log setup requires a Plot Stamp Plus Manager license).

Plot Stamp Plus ManagerPlot Stamp Plus Client
1. Plot Stamps

You use the Plot Stamp Editor to create and manage plot stamps. A plot stamp contains one or more fields. You can add standard fields such as Log-In Name or Plot Date & Time (formatted), and custom fields from both drawing and model property values. The editor provides precise WYSIWYG control of the plot stamp location and orientation relative to the sheet edge or border, complete control of text style, field order and formatting, and provides a preview of the stamp using the active drawing. Hover over the controls in the above image to identify their funtion.
2. Plot Stamp Sets
3. Plot Log Setup

Download / Purchase Plot Stamp Plus 2

When you install Plot Stamp Plus 2 you can try the software for 30 days. The trial license provides full Plot Stamp Plus Manager functionality.    

How to evaluate and deploy Plot Stamp Plus.

Information on licensing and activation of C-Cubed add-ins.

Download Plot Stamp Plus 2 for Inventor 2013 - 2023 Pricing & Purchase: Click the Pricing button to review pricing. You currently must email us to place an order. Click here for more information.
Plot Stamp Plus 2 - 32/64 bit full installation - v2.3.0.101
Plot Stamp Plus 2 Client License Server
Download only if you are using floating client licenses   (How to install a floating license server)

  •  The current version of Plot Stamp Plus 2 supports the following languages: English
  •  Plot stamps and plot stamp sets saved with a trial version cannot be used with the licensed add-in.