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iPropWiz 6 How-to Videos


Activating a local license
Activating a floating license
Transfering data from a previous version
Administrative tools
Updating iPropWiz

Configuration Editor

Configuration Editor overview
Adding / removing properties from the active property set
Reorder properties in the grid
Options - Capitalization exceptions
Options - Prompt for required values
Options - Copy/paste properties
Creating a custom property format rule
Apply a custom property format rule to exported parameters
Exported physical properties setup
Export part model extents relative to a UCS
Export part model extents relative to its Principal Axes
Working with property expressions
Creating a property extraction rule


Managing lists
Managing list additions
Import list values from Excel
Simple text and numeric lists
Tree lists
Multi-property Text lists
Multi-property Material lists
Multi-property Parameter lists
Assign multi-property lists to properties in a configuration

Property Editor

Property Editor overview
Changing the active configuration
Document selection and the Property Editor
Editing physical properties
Editing property values
Selecting list items
Using multi-property lists
Adding values to simple text lists
Using the expression editor

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