More iPropWiz Testimonials:

"We can not use Inventor and Vault Professional without iPropWiz. It gives our users the properties they need to fill out, gives them the list of values to enter into those properties, and forces them to do it. It transparently forces our users to standardize, and does it in an efficient manner without memorization by the user.
iProperties Drive our Engineering Department, as the model properties populate our Border and Title Block, as well as our Vault Professional property fields, which will eventually drive our ERP/MRP system. The ultimate lean tool which also enforces standardization, but does it transparently. We can not operate efficiently without iPropWiz."
  - Mike Hilvers, Unverferth Manufacturing Company

"Every experienced Inventor user has a short list of essential addins and tools. iPropWiz is #1 on my list."
  - George Radcliffe, Park Industries

"iProp Wiz fits right in with our lean manufacturing process in design by allowing us to present the user with just the iProperties necessary to drive our design environment. It also cuts down on our training time since all necessary information can be entered in a single logical interface."
  - Todd Hudgins, Canon Virginia, Inc.

"iPropWiz has achieved what few other addins have in this latest release - a status of "must have". Every seat of Inventor should ship with a coupon for a license of iPropWiz. It is not an exaggeration to say that I use this tool at least 30 times a day. With it, I am far more productive and I believe it has a direct impact on the quality of the department's output. Think of it as the Inventor version of AutoCAD's attribute editor, on steroids.
  - Jerry Payton, Pioneer Industrial Systems LLC

iPropWiz 6 has contributed to solving a number of problems I’ve been wrestling with in my office for years. Not only will it solve those problems, the tools it provides will improve the productivity of our own in house productivity add-ins.
  - Scott Moyse, SMI

"Autodesk was smart enough to allow users to change property names in Vault Professional, but failed to include that feature in Inventor. iPropWiz fills that void by giving the end user the ability to do this on the Inventor side."
  - Bill Henry, First Quality Enterprises

"After the uninstall and subsequent install of the new version, it even obtained my network stored configurations and settings from when I was using it in 2013. I wish all software worked this well."
  - Mark Wigan, EBM Industries