iPropWiz 6 Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I transfer my iPropWiz 6 license to a new computer?

Yes. You can deactivate a currently used license from the iPropWiz 6 configuration editor and then install on a different machine. See the video here for an overview of the process. If you fail to deactivate the license before decomissioning the machine you may be charged a fee to have the license manually deactivated in our database.

When I go to the pricing/purchasing page for iPropWiz 6, nothing is displayed.

It appears that Internet Explorer 9 has issues displaying the page. Later versions of Internet Explorer and all recent versions of Chrome and FireFox seem to display the page without issue.

After upgrading iPropWiz, the property editor does not display, how can I fix this?

It is likely that the positioning of the property editor has been corrupted. You can delete the iPropWiz 6.config file which can be found at the following location. C:\Users\user login\AppData\Local\C-Cubed\iPropWiz 6\. The property editor will be shown at a default location the next time you start Inventor.

The property editor takes up a lot of space, can it be narrowed?

Yes, you can narrow the property editor by dragging the right edge of the window, both in docked or floating configurations. To further reduce the width you can:
  • Close the selection pane in the property editor. You can still select components in the Inventor graphics window or brower to edit properties of the selected documents. To close the selection pane, click the splitter between the selection pane and the property grid.

  • On the property editor tool bar, click the Options command   . In the Grid Settings dialog box, uncheck the columns you do not need to see. The property editor is modified once you close the Options dialog box.

Can I use my iPropWiz 2009 or iPropWiz 5/5.5 configurations in iPropWiz 6?

Yes, you can translate your existing configurations and copy them to a new folder when you first run the iPropWiz 6 Configuration Editor. If you forget to translate your configurations on your first use of iPropWiz 6 you can translate them using the following steps.
  • Open the iPropWiz 6 Configuration Editor.
  • From the Tools menu, select Transfer v2009/v5 configurations.

  • Browse to and select the folder containing your existing configurations and enter your administration password (if any). Select an empty folder (you can create a new folder while browsing) for the translated iPropWiz 6 configurations.